General Safety Information

General Safety Information

Personal Safety Responsibilities

All members of the Del Mar College community have a responsibility for personal safety. The College actively seeks to maintain a safe environment. Each person must take precautions for his or her own safety. Students should do whatever possible to abide by the College's safety efforts. 

Members of the Del Mar College community have a responsibility to bring to the attention of College authorities any criminal activity or safety hazards on campus. This action assists officials in making Del Mar College a safer place. College officials will determine whether to investigate the matter or to request assistance from the appropriate agency.  College officials respond to safety needs in an appropriate fashion 

Drug Free/Smoke Free

College policy prohibits the use, sale, distribution, or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or controlled substances while on College property or at any authorized activity sponsored by or for any College-related organization, whether on or off the campus. The Standards of Student Conduct are found both in the Catalog and in the Student Handbook and Calendar. 

The College prohibits the use of tobacco, E-cigarettes, vaping pens and any other related products and devices by any employee, student, or visitor on all property or vehicles owned, rented, leased, or supervised by the College(Del Mar College Policy B5.39).

Weapons on Campus

As of August 1, 2017License to Carry (LTC) holder who works, attends classes, conducts business, or visits any Del Mar College campus may carry a concealed handgun on land and in buildings owned or leased by the College. LTC holders may NOT carry concealed handguns in exclusion zones as identified by the Section 30.06 posting requirements. Campus carry does not mean open carry. The open carry law does not apply to college campuses, meaning guns should be kept out of sight at all times except by persons commissioned as peace officers in the state of Texas and federal law enforcement personnel.  Therefore, if you see weapons on campus contact Security at 698-1199.   

For more information on the College’s campus carry policy, visit:

Violators may be expelled from classes and violations reported to the Corpus Christi Police Department. 

Common Crimes on Campus

The most common crimes on campus involve the theft of books or personal items which are unattended or unsecured. Portable items, especially those that are easily sold, are popular targets. Please make every effort to protect your belongings. Be especially careful of securing your automobile. 
Del Mar College is an open, public campus and does not seek to limit public access. As such, the College is not immune to crimes that occur throughout Corpus Christi. The College will provide regular safety seminars for students and employees. These will be announced ahead of time in campus publications. 

Clery Act

2023 Del Mar College Annual Security and Safety Report

Download PDF Report

Page last updated September 27, 2023.

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